Heavy equipments


Do you remember the scene where the piano is suspended up in the air, trying to move it, ending eventually to drop from a high distance, well this kind of thing can only happen in the movies, but when you want to lift up heavy equipments you will need professionals trained rigorously in this sense.

Escape team takes into consideration all the possibilities to prevent possible incidents, the safety of others around  and the equipment needed to be lifted are an important priority for us.

Whatever the challenge might be coming from our customers, for us means a new way to react and to find innovative solutions to offer the audience a very special environment.

Because the limits with regard to the ability of Escape professionals to carry the client wishes stops at altitudes worthy of astronomical measurements, it is necessary to make known only the equipment and the location where it must be lifted and technical specialists and owned by Escape will achieve this goal.

Skillfull in woking in hard to reach places, well-endowed with the latest generation equipments, Escape specialists can complete any equipment lifting in the most inaccessible areas, regardless of the equipment that will be lifted.