We offer you an unforgettable experience transforming the imposible into possible !!

Escape Group puts at your disposal a recreative and intrigant space, which can be used in numerous ways, from impact zone for your events to a permanent solution.

The Dom offered by our company is a safe and eco friendly alternative, given that it uses a reduce quantity of materials to cover vasts spaces and the tent membranes are delivered along with green certificate.

The tend has a architectural resistant shape and is supplied with resistant membrane for extreme weather conditions , ensuring durability and safety use for your investment.

It`s recommended for divers categories of events: corporate and private events, product presentation, outdoor fairs and exhibitions, mobile events (caravans), sport events etc.

Our team of professionals offers you a high quality experience by transposing into reality of the most creative and inimaginable ideas.

The realization of the most spectaculary stages,creating the most impressive special effects, lifting equipment under any circumstances, of any size, at any altitude, in optimal conditions of safety, a reality of most creative decor is made possible by using equipment Escape made available at anytime.