Layher assembling

Our company owns  scaffolding modular Layher from wich it can be realized construction of stages, podiums, stairs, prisms advertising, decorations for events.

Another service our company presents  is renting Layher metal structures as well as team of climbers specialized in installing it.

Among the events from which we offer our services, worth mentioning are: Madonna Concert in Bucharest, BestFest Festival, Ost Fest Festival, Liberty Parade Festival, Dance Week-end Festival, Rock the City and Mission Festival etc.

We also conducted numerous activities in various fields, such as construction for sporting events, artificial climbing panels, artificial ski ramps areas for extreme sports. 

- Wall climbing Gravity Park Constanta;

- Ice Climbing Wall Constanta;

- Moto Xcountry Event,

- Ramp Jumping Snowboard Tineretului Park 

- Installation billboards, banners or mashes at height;

- Installation neon signs and advertising boxes at height;

  Mounting scenery for shows, social events, filming and commercials, facade decoration with bright structures:

- Installing decorations inside Sun Plaza Shopping Center;

- Installing decorations of Globus Circus.

Our team consists of qualified personnel in utility climbing and of rope access specialists with experience in construction.The equipment that we use are high performance and come from authorized manufacturers, which come with certificates of conformity.