Stage rigging


The Escape team consists of professionals who actively participated in building some of the most fabulous stages for shows and exhibitions, we offer technical support and specialized equipment designed to provide the participants of the show safety and comfort.

Projects that were successfully completed by our company in terms of  concerts for both nationally renowned artists and world-class artists, including Metallica, Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Roxette, ACDC, Iron Maiden, Lenny Kravitz, Scorpions, Elton John, Voltage, Loredana Groza , Division 5 Smiley, Vunk, Alternosfera, HaHa Production, etc.

Managing to carry out the most impossible demands of our clients, makes our team of professional to continuously develop by finding and adapt solutions to give an electrifying feeling even to  the most exigents spectators.

Thanks to more than nine years of experience, we guarantee professionalism and our team efficiency in everything we undertake. Managing each time to capture the essence of the customers wishes.