Interior - exterior decorations



Why should you put your imagination into the hands of Escape Group professionals !?

We are willing to transform any common location into one that will surprise even from the first step undertaken, through the perfect placement of the scenery , creating a visual blend that describes the desired story.

A picture says more than a thousand words, therefore we take into account everything from the location characteristics to the shape and size of the scenery which are to be mounted, for the image to be complete and transmit exactly what our client follow.

Featuring the latest generation equipments, handled by our specialists with great precision, Escape is the ideal choice in realization of scenery intended to suprise and capture attention.

Because the technology is useless without the involvement of the human factor, Escape skillful specialists handle with great precision the latest generation quipments, offering fantastic scenery necessary element to captivate attention: a good and safe placement.

Good stories need to be told to others, do not hesitate to put to the test !!