Specialized in providing technical and logistical support services in special effects and placement of the scenes, theaters and exhibition halls, sustaining and supporting elements, the equipment necessary to develop events in best conditions, Escape offers professional and safe solutions staging of fabulous performances and exhibitions.


Actively engaged in creating the most fabulous scenes of the shows and exhibitions, the most creative and spectacular appearances protagonists TV spots and not only, professional team of Escape provides technical assistance and specialized equipment designed to provide safety and comfort.


Shows full of thrills in which the scene monopolizes the audience, suspense-packed appearances of artists, fantastic lights, surrounded by frames designed to fascinate, have also backed by an entire team of professionals whose mastery is measured by the explosion of joy and surprise of the audience. With the latest equipment, the ability to transform into reality the most gifted screenwriters imagination, Escape team manages to make possible the breathtaking performances aimed to fascinate and to magnetize the most demanding public.



With Escape team no staging is not unattainable, fantastic shows, protagonists and viewers ' safety are the house specialty!